Rutger Slump is an executive trainer and program developer since 2005. He develops management development programs in co-creation with larger organisations. His focus is on leadership in continuous changing environments. He combines this interest in Playfulness - "you are free if you can play with it". He helps (professionals in) organisations with Innovation, Talent & Team Development, Communication and creative thinking in the role of (team) coach, trainer and facilitator .


Rutger studied Information Management (Ma) at the University of Tilburg with a focus on organisational development. Afterwards he worked at the Technical University of Delft as project leader creating supporting systems, such as quality management, safety, and management information. In 2005 he became programdirector at de Baak - Management Center VNO-NCW.

In 2010 he followed a two-year Gestalt psychology study at the  Dutch Foundation Gestalt. Gestalt psychology focuses on creating your onwn concepts by (new) experiences in contact with your environment. In addition, he specialized in team coaching at the School of Coaching and the European Institute.  His interest is especially on working with groups and teams.


• Leadership Development Framework: profile by Harthill, South Yorkshire, which supports the development of your perception / look at the world.
• Insights Discovery: On Jung based profile (with colors) what your development and preferences.
• Certified Teamcoach (European Institute)

International Orientation

In 2011 / 2012 he developed a new location for Training Institute de Baak in Boston to facilitate professional exchanges between The Netherlands and this international innovation hub. He stayed for a half a year in this interesting area and has created an interesting network at institutes ilke MIT, Harvard and Boston University.


His customers are mainly from larger organizations such as large logistics  in the port of Rotterdam, financial regulators, cultural organizations, and many others.

Example Products & Services

• Author of the game Brand New You which brings people in conversation about their personal endeavor.
• Improvisation actor at the professional improvisation group  Tilburg Tigers. This group plays games at conferences about how you can respond with creative flexibility to changing environments
• Developer of innovative types of training, such as the international program Transforming Innovation into Business - Expedition Boston: international business development program about Innovation, including an expedition to Boston & MIT
• Open enrollment & incompany programs, like the Talent Development Program (a programme for Young Professionals and personal leadership), Management of People (a practical and reflective program for starting managers), etc.

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